Clinic Montchoisi (Switzerland)

Clinic Montchoisi (Switzerland)Clinic Montchoisi (Switzerland) In a difficult moment of life, when we are waiting for surgery or delivery, we are looking for a place where we can entrust. Today all clinics are equipped with more or less modern high-tech equipment. But aren't we preferred the clinic, where there is a warm atmosphere, friendliness, where attentive to detail, where the staff is cordial and attentive to all the needs of patients? Such an atmosphere in the clinic is our goal. The clinic's activity Montchoisi is divided into three important areas: MATERNITY, GYNAECOLOGY, SURGERY, OUTPATIENT TREATMENT: radiology, magnetic resonance, without placing the patient in a closed tunnel, physiotherapy and treatment of infertility.. . . Читать полностью -->

Scientists predict a two-fold increase in the death rate from SARS

Scientists predict a two-fold increase in the death rate from SARSDespite all efforts of doctors and authorities of different countries, the outbreak of SARS or SARS, not declining. According to the latest who data, the total number of cases reached 4649 people, and the number of deaths rose to 274. Meanwhile, the scientists predict a further increase in the percentage of deaths. As estimated by the who, the death rate from SARS is of the order of 5-6 percent. However, according to various experts on infectious diseases, in various parts of this value largely varies. For example, in Hong Kong and China, the main foci for the spread of SARS, the mortality from this disease is at least 8-15 percent. Читать полностью -->

Taiwan registered a new case of SARS infection

Taiwan registered a new case of SARS infectionOn Wednesday morning, the government of Taiwan announced that the country registered a new case of infection with the SARS virus. The disease was detected in 44-year-old researcher in the laboratory of the National defense University (National Defense University) in Taipei, engaged in the study of virus. This was stated by the representative of the Department of health of Taiwan. According to him, the first signs of infection were detected in diseased December 10, when the scientist returned from a trip to Singapore, where he participated in a medical conference. According to the Department, the scientist most likely were infected during the experiment the virus, which he held December 5, before travelling to the conference. After the test the SARS virus, which gave a positive result, the patient was immediately isolated. Читать полностью -->

Information and advertising

Information and advertising1. The physician shall not engage in advertising means and methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and especially medications not approved by the Federal health authorities, as well as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products. 2. The publication of a medical nature, speaking of doctors at scientific meetings, educational activities in the press, on radio and television must be perfect in ethical terms, limited objective scientific and practical information and does not contain elements of unfair competition, advertising and self-promotion. 3. The doctor is obliged to inform the state Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation or the Federal centre for the study of side effects of medicines of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation on the observed them all unknown, unwanted side effects of drugs. Читать полностью -->


CosmeticsWhat we know and do not know about cosmetics? Cosmetics is a set of tools and methods that help you achieve beauty and health. Cosmetics is one of the oldest elements of culture. Modern cosmetics high level is fed a variety of areas of biology and medicine - dermatology, pharmacology, physiology, hygiene, plastic surgery. Its main objective is the health and beauty is achieved by addressing the following main tasks: 1. to cleanse the skin and hair from different types of pollution; 2. to protect them from the action of harmful factors of the environment in everyday life, at work and to prevent the appearance of premature defects of the skin, hair and teeth defects; 3. Читать полностью -->

Developed a device for the rapid diagnosis of AIDS

Developed a device for the rapid diagnosis of AIDSScientists from the University of Texas has developed a new portable device for rapid diagnosis of HIV infection, in size like a regular toaster. It is assumed that it will allow you to create a network for detection of HIV in remote regions of developing countries, do not have expensive stationary laboratory instruments. The principle of operation of the device based on a determination in the patient's blood so-called CD4 leukocytes are cells of the immune system, HIV affected. In HIV-infected people, it is reduced compared to normal several times, allowing you to use this indicator to identify patients. In addition to the small dimensions of the device, its advantage is low cost when mass production will not exceed $ 1,000, and each analysis will cost a maximum of $ 5. This is much less than the tens of thousands of dollars that are required for equipment Virology laboratory. Читать полностью -->

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